Summer’s Embrace

Like a breath of fresh air,
guitarist Larry Roy and vibraphonist Stefan Bauer bring something new to
the modern mainstream arena. Their natural timbres overlap and invite
characteristic melodies from various world cultures, which the duo folds
into one project. The addition of various exotic drums, harmonica, oboe,
and soprano saxophone rework the tried-and-true hard bop formula into
one that opens doors for expansion while emphasizing lyricism. Bauer and
Roy have worked together for a decade, forming a duo they call Joint
Adventure. Guesting on three tracks of Summer’s Embrace, Howard Levy
adds a lyrical, blues-tinged dimension to remind us where the emphasis
should lie in modern mainstream jazz. His harmonica sweeps the melody
gently around the room, settling into a natural “world music” summation
of the way things work out when we fit the pieces together properly.
Paul McCandless joins the unit for three tracks: oboe coloring “Summer’s
Embrace” while soprano saxophone portrays both “33 Nel” and “Some Other
Time.” As with the other voices, McCandless adds a sweet natural sound
to the session with an obvious respect for melody. Recommended, this
joint adventure blends vibes and acoustic guitar in an uplifting program
with common sense and a world vision.

– Jim Santella “All About Jazz”