Stefan Bauer Voyage – the new CD ‘G E O G R A P H I A’ (Jazzhausmusik.de, JHM 216), press quotes: 

. . . formally beautiful, pleasant, round and coherent. On the other hand the band moves off the beaten track and takes unexpected turns beyond known routes and routines with their dense interplay, which is based on closely composed or openly improvised movement. Stefan Bauer’s Voyage carries our imagination with fancy sounds to extraordinary places and to wonderful islands beyond time and space.

Tobias Böcker, Jazzpodium, January 2014


Stefan Bauer: TONGEBIET - New York and back

Stefan Bauer counts among the most original and creative forces in contemporary Jazz. His new CD “GEOGRAPHIA” proves that. With uncommon sound combinations Bauer and his band Voyage invite the listener into an acoustic world consisting of improvised music and sound-collages which include ambient noise and spoken words. . .

Uwe Meyer in TongebietNov.’13


. . . Based in particular on Michal Cohen’s versatile timbre, which changes between lithe phrasing and sharp attacks, on Chris Bacas’ soprano sax, blown with an equally dark and powerful sound, and on the cool, at times linear, at times vertical sound design of Bauer’s vibraphone the image of a multi-lingual, contemporary improvised music comes into existence whose modern jazz grounding provides rich contrast and depth of focus. For these five instrumentalists it is not merely a matter of displaying their virtuosic musicianship.  Their attention is on a compact ensemble sound whose components only emerge clearly when one moves close enough.

JazzThing, Feb/Mar 2014, Martin Laurentius


… an audio journey that allows inspired associations, espec. through the dialogues between vibraphone and saxophone.

audio 02/2014, Ralf Dombrowski


On “Geographia” (Jazzhausmusik.de, JHM 216) vibraphonist Stefan Bauer, located in Brooklyn, takes the listener with his band Voyage on a musical expedition that blends exquisite improvisations with ambient sounds, resulting in enchanting world jazz.

Hifi & records, Sven Thielmann, Dec. ‘13



CD | Stefan Bauer |


Which criteria determine “good jazz”?… For me personally there are three parameters in this context that are helpful for an assessment: authenticity, quality and “address” . . .  And after a first listen of Stefan Bauer’s new CD “Geographia” these three aspects led me to a positive “judgment”.  Yes, I like the CD a lot!… Close listening is being rewarded with imaginative melodies, equally sensitive and powerful improvisations and exciting rhythms.  All in all this CD has the ideal blend of depth and entertainment. Congratulations!

Ingo Marmulla, NRWJazz, Jan. ‘14


… And just as one needs to take time to absorb the subtleties of such (aforementioned) encounters, one should take time for the music of Geographia.

It is not Bauer’s thing to beg for attention, he convinces with more subtle qualities. For instance, in “Askale Tulem” bass and drums interlock inconspicuously while providing its unhurried tempo with the necessary spirit, upon which Bauer, Cohen and Bacas pass the ball to each other. Voyage offers a welcome diversion from everyday tasks and supposed duties – and one may thereby discover new worlds.

Rolf Thomas in Jazzthetik, January 2014